OK Home Cookin’ First Blog!

This bears absolutely no resemblance to me whatsoever. I just like the picture!

I used to think I was a really good home cook … fair to middlin’ as my daddy woulda said if he was still around.  But with age comes wisdom, and I’ve discovered that what I don’t know about cooking far exceeds what I do. So I’ve reduced my status accordingly. Also, I’m a native of Oklahoma, so the OK in the site name is a 2-fer.

When it comes to skills in general, I’m kind of OK at most things in the kitchen, passable at some others, but pretty dismal at the rest. My resolution for 2020 is to become a good cook — really good — better than OK. Well, that and lose weight and manage my time better, get more exercise, read more, keep a gratitude journal … and I could go on for days with the rest of my aspirations for self-improvement. But for the purposes of this blog, this year, I intend to become a home cook who is much more than just OK.

How do I propose to do that? Well, I’m committed to the total immersion experience. I intend to keep myself immersed in cooking shows, cooking magazines, and bury my nose in cookbooks and recipe collections. I’ll be browsing websites, and trying out tools, gadgets, and gizmos to discover the things that will help me have more success in the kitchen.  Most importantly, I’m committed to cooking every single day, and sharing my experiences with anyone interested in reading about them.

I launched this website as a means of making myself accountable. I also hope to learn loads of new things through my cooking activities, as well as learning from people who happen to stop by and share some of their own experiences.

Stop by often and sit a spell. You never know what I might learn next!

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